Nov 28th News! And so it begins TEst PooP

Let me start with a brief update on what i have already done to the server. I changed the creative area from being half of the survival map to having its own map using plots based system so that players builds are protected, safe and organized. However this did mean losing the naturally generated features of a minecraft map but I felt this change was needed.

Let me know if you would like a natural minecraft map for creative.

The second little update that has passed on the server is the replacement of LWC with grief prevention which is a massive improvement as LWC simply locked anything with an inventory to the player that placed it. Now there are other jobs that it performed but grief prevention does all of them as well as chat spam monitoring and most importantly block protection.

Now on to the big news of the day, spigot (the MC server jar that I use) has just released 1.8 after putting a mega ton of effort into updating it! This unfortunately does not mean our server will be update today as of writing this I am just about to stat testing it. This process may take some time or could be very quick which is why I can not give you specified release time.As i stated here there a number of things I need to check and configure before updating the server and some new features that I hope to add.

The first step is to check the map generation, as in see if the newly generated 1.8 chucks match up with the already existing 1.7 map.

The second and possibly the longest step is to test all plugins are working and functioning correctly. If there are any problems I will have to try to find a fix, if i can't then i will need to find a replacement and if that can't be done then we must wait until the plugin is updated.

The third step is to setup new features on the server like skyblock and try to get a mini game or two setup but this may not happen at all we will have to see.

Once this as all been completed and I feel happy with it I will update the server to 1.8. I would like to have this all done as soon as I can.

A final note for you is that I'm hoping to have a custom survival mode type map set up and running some time after the 1.8 up date. This will be a larger undertaking on my part and at the moment it's still in the idea phase but i will say this as a clue it's all in the name

Stay tuned and keep playing for fun!

- Stevie